Story Update KW3

Leider bin ich diese Woche nicht dazu gekommen alle Updates zu lesen, deshalb ist die Liste etwas kleiner. Muss wieder arbeiten und habe noch andere Termine, daher nicht besonders viel Zeit zum lesen.


Don’t remember me – Chapter 9
„They were nothing but two strangers living together now. Power, money and everything that came with it changed him and she couldn’t recognize the man she once loved in him anymore until one tragic night changed everything. Fate delivered them a second chance, she just didn’t know if it would be enough.“

Marriage of Convenience – Chapter 24
„Klaus is the CEO of Mikaelson Enterprises. Originally from Europe, Klaus’s visa is about to expire unless he can find a way around it. That’s where his assistant Caroline comes in. Desperate to stay in the states, he offers her 10 million dollars to marry him for a year. Will Caroline willingly marry a man she hates? Or will Klaus force her into a marriage of convenience?“

Missing – Chapter 35
„Being the Original Hybrid had made him think he was invincible. He was mistaken, because now he had much to lose.“

A Spirit of Courage – Chapter 6
„After killing off his defiant queen in a fit of rage, King Niklaus must choose a new queen from the vampires and witches of Mystic Falls. Caroline, a witch, is forced from her home to compete for a power she does not want. Sparks fly, enemies scheme, and Caroline is put to the ultimate test to protect the people she loves.“


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